Graft technology of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is to use special chemical reaction to make some functional
groups on the high molecular weight chain react with other compounds, so as to introduce a certain molecular
weight or branch chain with special functional groups into the molecule, increase the molecular weight or locally
change the molecular structure, so as to enhance the molecular scale inhibitor. , for example, the C3 ~ C20
dibasic acid and anhydride or dicarboxylic esters (such as maleic anhydride or its polymer) and ethylene
polyamine (at least more than 2 C and 2 ~ 5 amino) polycondensation reaction, and then under the alkali
catalytic reaction with ethylene oxide epoxy propane and butane epoxy, N some or all of the alkylation, and
get the molecular structure of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is like in the original condensation on the product
molecular co ected with polyethylene oxide branched chain.